French Folding Door as Living and Dining Room Divider

Our french doors can serve as a decor and functional divider for any rooms. In this blog, we present a customer that used our french folding door as a divider for their living and dining room area. Unlike our regular folding door, our french folding doors can have customizable sections. It can be different types of glass design, or it can also be louver or embossed. It can also be customized in such a way that the top half of it is glass and the bottom half of it is embossed.

Combi trilogy 3 colors

The Many Styles of Combi Blinds : Makati Project

In this blog we’ll feature the many styles of combi blinds. One of our client from Makati City opted for different styles of combi blinds instead of just changing its color from room to room. Of all the types of window blinds, combi blinds has the most style and variety. This is because unlike the other blinds, it has solid and sheer part. The height of sheer and solid part greatly varies between combi blinds style. Some has large solid part like Elegancy and Pleated series.

Blue Fabric Vertical Blinds Cavite Installation

Blue Fabric Vertical Blinds Suitable for Office Spaces : Cavite City Project

Our feature for today will be the simple yet sophisticated blue fabric vertical blinds installed in one office in Cavite City. The client evidently opted for the paled turquoise blue vertical blinds to achieve a minimalistic but neat look for the office and to liven up their space. And while these kind of blinds are of various colors and textures, it is also one effective tool in controlling the room’s light intake. (more…)

Classic gray venetian blinds

Classic Venetian Blinds for Modern Houses : Batangas Installation

When it comes to interior design, the style and type of blinds you choose is crucial to the end result of the house design you’re dreaming of.  Whether you have a Mediterranean-style or contemporary home, when deciding to buy blinds for your windows, choosing the classic mini blinds also known as venetian blinds is one of the safest bet. (more…)

Bricks Wallpaper Design

New Bricks Wallpaper Designs : Makati City Installations

In terms of decorating your home, your own imagination is the only limitation. We have our own sense of style and it can be great if you convey that through home design.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or to each his own and so they say.  That is why some people admire (but not necessarily to others) rough and untamed feel of raw and spontaneous brick wall like the one we always see on New York street. You can incorporate that in your living room, kitchen and even your own bedroom wall. On the other hand using real bricks can be a little expensive, messy and hard, but nevertheless its doable and possible with artificial brick wallpaper design. (more…)

School room divider partition

Room Dividers PVC Accordion Doors for Schools and Universities

Reception halls, also known as assembly halls or function halls are rooms or building for hosting small or big events usually for social events. In schools or universities, this is a hall usually used for hosting different school events or activities. Having said this, it is important that this space can be configured in such a way that the space inside the hall can be further divided into smaller rooms so that it can hold various kinds of classes or activities in short notice. (more…)

Combination blinds for all types of office space

Combination Blinds: Suitable for any Type of Office Space – Manila Project

In the world of window treatment, combination blinds a.k.a zebra blinds or simply combi blinds can make any type of office space good-looking. It has a unique and stylish design that makes it so in-demand in the market. It is also available in several textures, colors, and designs that can transform any room into a cheerful, lively, and modern space. (more…)

Hallway glasswall window covering roller blinds

Best Window Covering for Long Hallway Glass Wall: The Roller Blinds

What exactly makes a great design? Most people think design means all about the look which is not entirely correct because if you dig deeper it’s also about efficiency. In this article, we’ll feature how a simple hallway can boost the style of your home and in an efficient way at the same time. (more…)

Staircase window shades

Staircase Tall Window Styling Using Roll Up Blinds – Greenhills, San Juan

Looking for the best window dressing ideas? Discover the best way to dress up your windows, whether you have a bay window, square or special windows style. Windows are an essential part of any house for letting daylight in and allowing the inhabitants to see out, it’s also known as the eyes of the house, whatever its size and shape and the way you dress them can actually influence your room theme. That’s why it’s important to not only choose your window dressing by its looks, it has to be versatile that can also dictate the light that’s cast into space. (more…)