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PVC Vertical Blinds Makati

PVC Vertical Blinds Home Office Setup: Makati Project

One of the many lessons we learned after two years of being restricted by a pandemic is the discovery of new work models. Unlike the usual routine of traveling or commuting to work, we can now do office tasks within the four corners of our own homes. One of the crucial things that employers and hirees currently discuss is the work setup, may it be full onsite, online or a hybrid work method. These established, join us as we unpack the installation of vertical blinds for the home office setup of our Makati client. 

Combining Roller Shades and Vertical Blinds from a office project in Q.C.

Choosing Roller Shades and Vertical Blinds in an Office in Quezon City

Sometimes it is a bright idea to use a combination of different window coverings so you can get the best trait out of each blinds and shades depending on the location and situation of a particular room.  Our featured customer used a combination of roller shades and vertical blinds for their Quezon City office. (more…)

Brush Slate

Available Embossed Designs of our PVC Vertical Blinds

At DS Windows & Walls you get to choose a lot of embossed designs for your PVC vertical blinds.  Unlike other types of blinds, one advantage of the vertical blinds is that it can have embossed pattern.  For this article we will only be featuring a set of our group 2 designs. Since Vertical Blinds can be made in a lot of different material, the biggest advantage of PVC is the different embossed designs that are easy to distinguish and more prominent in the eyes. (more…)

PVC Vertical Blinds fro Traditional Dining Area - Tanza Cavite

Combination of Vanilla and Mocca PVC Vertical Blinds For Dining Area

When it comes to designing homes, both the home owners and designer is committed to achieve something that will be loved and appreciated by everyone especially the people who would be living at that home.  Our client in Cavite happens to build a new apartment house that he will be leasing to others and he wanted a design that will suit to everyone’s taste.  Not knowing who’s possibly be renting the house our client choose to use a design and color that are neutral and safe but still likeable to everyone.  With that mindset our client favors to use earth tone color design. (more…)

Inexpensive Fabric Vertical Blinds for Bedrooms - Tagaytay City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds: Complete Your White Themed Room with Low Cost Alternative – Tagaytay City

Most interior designer will agree that window treatment can complete a room’s appearance, but only when chosen correctly. When it comes to window treatments, it’s a matter of color, fabric, pattern designs, and functionality.  With so many decisions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so you need to consider the pros and cons to lessen the options and find the perfect window cover for your home. (more…)

Embossed PVC Vertical Installed in West Traingle, Quezon City

Design Your Office Receiving Area with Embossed PVC Vertical Blinds – Quezon City

A receiving area is an area or part of an office, hotel, house, etc. where visitors or guests are received. It is also the place where appointments, reservations, deals and sometimes where meeting takes place so it is very important not to take for granted the furnishings and interior of this particular space.  Just like the office located at West Triangle Quezon City, our client decided to make a room for receiving area in order to accommodate their visitors, guest, clients and even applicant. (more…)

Fabric Vertical Blinds Installed in Makati City

Fabric Vertical Blinds for Excellent Privacy: Makati City, Manila, Philippines

Conference room is where most of the events like business meeting takes place. It is the place where most of the heads and important people of the company discuss important and confidential matters. A conference room also needs some privacy especially when used for meetings. Our client from Makati City, Manila, Philippines opted fabric vertical blinds for their conference room to provide excellent privacy especially during meetings. (more…)

Fabric Vertical Blinds Installed at Las Pinas City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds for a New House in Las Pinas City, Philippines

They said that mother knows best. As a mother, they really know what is good or bad for their children. Sometimes, our mother becomes strict and very protective. Cleanliness of the house especially on their children’s room and dining area are their first priority at home.  Our client from Las Piñas City who opted for Fabric Vertical Blinds, owned a beautiful and a  two-story house. They decided to used Fabric Vertical Blinds for their sliding glass door at home because it is more affordable yet very presentable.  Fabric Vertical Blinds are available in various colors and designs, just visit angryblinds.com.ph. (more…)

PVC Vertical Blinds Installed in a Computer Animation Company

PVC Vertical Blinds for Modern Technology Companies: Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City

Computer animation companies are subject to implement new and modern technologies such as animated images using computer graphics. Modern computer animators uses 3D and 2D computer graphics for more stylish animation. That is how the current world of ours have been modernized by new technologies. Our client from Shaw Blvd, Pasig City, Philippines who opted for PVC Vertical Blinds is a Computer Animation Company. Though most things have been affected by modern technologies, they selected manually operated PVC vertical blinds due to its beautiful, stylish and in new trend look. (more…)