Mini Blinds

Classic gray venetian blinds

Classic Venetian Blinds for Modern Houses : Batangas Installation

When it comes to interior design, the style and type of blinds you choose is crucial to the end result of the house design you’re dreaming of.  Whether you have a Mediterranean-style or contemporary home, when deciding to buy blinds for your windows, choosing the classic mini blinds also known as venetian blinds is one of the safest bet. (more…)

Aluminum Venetian Blinds installed at Pillar Village, Las Pinas, Metro Manila

Aluminum Venetian Blinds For An All-White Motif Room – Las Pinas

An all-white modern bedroom speaks of high end style and a luxurious appearance. It’s a classic bedroom that holds a unique charm that until today is still very popular. It is a tricky design concept, but with a few smart moves and good combination of furniture you can make a gorgeous monochromatic white color palette room. A lot of people like to use all-white motif room because it looks clean and simple in a fashionable way. A white walls reflect around the room can uplift and brightens the mood of the room and makes the whole room feel more open and airy better if you have small space like our client in Pilar Village, Las Pinas Metro Manila who choose to use a monochromatic white motif. (more…)

Mini Blinds - White Satin

Miniblinds and Its Affordable Price: Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Marikina City is commonly known as the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines. It produces almost 70 percent of shoes in the country, thus, calling Marikina city as shoe capital of the Philippines. Some of the famous tourist spot and major landmarks in the city are City Hood Park, Largest Pair of Shoes in the world located in Riverbanks Center, Riverbanks Center, Marikina Sports Center, Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, Shoe Museum, Marikina River Park and Sentrong Pangkultura ng Marikina. Marikina City is the place where most of the people often choose to live because of its beautiful surroundings and plenty of relaxing views. (more…)