Venetian Blinds

Classic venetian blinds QC projects

Classic Venetian Blinds for a Wider Color Selection: QC Projects

Among the useful tips for a good home interior design is to rely on convenient materials and consider the design and materials’ long-term benefits. This way, purchases of curtains or blinds and choosing color schemes would be both cost-effective and cost-efficient. This is why classic Venetian blinds are a good option to look into to achieve both practical and ornamental effects. For today’s feature, we shall also take a look into the wide color selection of these blinds as per the installation for our QC clients. 

Classic gray venetian blinds

Classic Venetian Blinds for Modern Houses : Batangas Installation

When it comes to interior design, the style and type of blinds you choose is crucial to the end result of the house design you’re dreaming of.  Whether you have a Mediterranean-style or contemporary home, when deciding to buy blinds for your windows, choosing the classic mini blinds also known as venetian blinds is one of the safest bet. (more…)

Mini Blinds - White Satin

Miniblinds and Its Affordable Price: Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Marikina City is commonly known as the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the Philippines. It produces almost 70 percent of shoes in the country, thus, calling Marikina city as shoe capital of the Philippines. Some of the famous tourist spot and major landmarks in the city are City Hood Park, Largest Pair of Shoes in the world located in Riverbanks Center, Riverbanks Center, Marikina Sports Center, Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, Shoe Museum, Marikina River Park and Sentrong Pangkultura ng Marikina. Marikina City is the place where most of the people often choose to live because of its beautiful surroundings and plenty of relaxing views. (more…)

Mini Blinds: Goldstar 475

Stimulating effect of Mini Blinds Gold: Las Pinas City, Philippines

Gold and yellow color serve as a positive color that representing happiness and progress in life. In other aspects, gold and yellow brings the warmth and liveliness of the light into your place. For Chinese Zodiac, gold and yellow bring good luck just like yellow dragons that is why they are always part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. (more…)

Aluminum Mini Blinds Installation in Makati City, Philippines

Aluminum Mini Blinds and Its Benefits: Makati City, Metro Manila

Varieties of reputable companies are offering custom made windows blinds with quality materials and beautiful finishes. Top rated companies like DS Windows and Walls provide guarantee on blinds that it will give every homeowner and establishments a flawless service for years. One of our offered products is Aluminum Mini Blinds, which one of our clients from Makati City, Metro Manila opted. The paints of aluminum mini blinds today are lead-free so there is no need to worry about children’s safety. In addition, aluminum mini blinds are more durable than plastic mini blinds, making it less susceptible to fading, peeling and damage. (more…)

Aluminum Mini Blinds Installed at Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines

Aluminum Mini Blinds for your Bathroom: Ortigas, Pasig City, Philippines

Bathroom is one of our rooms were we can have a complete privacy. Therefore, we have to choose an accurate window blinds for our bathroom. People spend a lot of time in the bathroom as nude, so it is important to have a blind that can give us the privacy that we need. Most bathrooms have small windows. As the smallest room in our house, we need to install blinds that can give us natural light and suitable for small windows. Mini blinds, from the word mini which means small consist of 1” slat size suitable for small windows. (more…)

White Satin Color, Aluminum Mini-blinds with 1" slat size

Eco-friendly Aluminum Miniblinds: Makati City, Philippines

As a nature lover, we not only love the earth but also ourselves and the people around us. Even just a little thing like having eco-friendly products inside your home or offices can help lot. For your window dressing, aluminum mini-blinds can be a great choice to purchase if you are concern regarding your environment. DS Windows & Walls aluminum mini-blinds are eco-friendly product and very affordable and ideal for smaller spaces or windows. (more…)

Installed Miniblinds at Taguig City Philippines

Mini Blinds Installation at Bicutan, Taguig City Manila Philippines

For smaller windows, it requires a smaller slat size not only for style purposes but also for its functional purposes. If you have smaller windows or patio doors, we can offer you window covering which will match for it. DS Windows and Walls have venetian blinds also known as miniblinds made up of aluminum material and available in our most popular 1” slat size. (more…)


Venetian Blinds Solid Blue Color : Paranaque Bicutan Manila Philippines

Solid blue miniblinds (also known as horizontal blinds or aluminum blinds or simply venetian blinds).  Generally in the Philippines there are two categories in terms of materials of venetian blinds namely – PVC or plastic type and aluminum.  PVC or plastic miniblinds are the cheapest of all blinds and are usually ready-made.   (more…)

Blinds Manila Venetian

Venetian Blinds Alternating Colors at McKinley Garden Fort Bonifacio

This customer from Fort Bonifacio Taguig chose an equally divided 3 color combination – honey maple, natural wood, and white birch.  Alternatively, you can also make the colors of a venetian blinds into alternating colors (instead of 3 equal blocks of colors).  His windows are arch type and the only way to install blinds in an arch type window is through outer mounting. (more…)