Folding Doors

Divider to Second Floor

Vinyl Folding Door as Divider to your Second Floor Home

The very essence of why our homes are considered a basic need is that it should be a place of shelter, protection, peace, privacy and security. Overtime, we have seen how houses have improved and how they were innovated. Modern doors and windows are the products of such innovations. In today’s blog, we shall venture how our homes can be further improved through installing a vinyl folding door as a divider in a house’s second floor. 


French Folding Door as Living and Dining Room Divider

Our french doors can serve as a decor and functional divider for any rooms. In this blog, we present a customer that used our french folding door as a divider for their living and dining room area. Unlike our regular folding door, our french folding doors can have customizable sections. It can be different types of glass design, or it can also be louver or embossed. It can also be customized in such a way that the top half of it is glass and the bottom half of it is embossed.

School room divider partition

Room Dividers PVC Accordion Doors for Schools and Universities

Reception halls, also known as assembly halls or function halls are rooms or building for hosting small or big events usually for social events. In schools or universities, this is a hall usually used for hosting different school events or activities. Having said this, it is important that this space can be configured in such a way that the space inside the hall can be further divided into smaller rooms so that it can hold various kinds of classes or activities in short notice. (more…)

Teak folding door deluxe featured project

Available Colors and Featured Projects of our Folding Door Deluxe

The folding door deluxe that we offer has 6 distinct colors available, however, it is worth noting that the other folding door types namely the regular and french folding doors has its own available colors that is not included in the scope of this article.  We present you the individual swatch colors with a sample installed door of each color so that you can also see what it looks like in a bigger picture. (more…)

Bedroom Folding Door for Electricity Efficiency - Makati City

Bedroom Folding Door Partition for Electricity and Aircon Efficiency – Makati City Installation

Electricity remains as the number one source of energy used in every household, shop and establishment because most of the technologies that we use today are dependent on electricity and that the rise of energy consumption cannot be avoided.  The world acknowledges the reality that the price of electricity is increasing every year because the source of energy is decreasing while the demand of new technology that consumes electricity is rising. (more…)

Frech Accordion Door installed at Plainview Village, Mandaluyong Metro Manila

French Accordion Door for Girls Bathroom – Mandaluyong City

Looking for a new design for your girl’s bathroom door?  French accordion door is one great idea for you.  It’s one of the most fashionable looking door types today that can perfectly fit and gives a gorgeous look to any bathroom.  PVC type door is most suitable for bathroom door because it’s adaptable to water and doesn’t get damage or become rusty even when it gets wet all the time due to showering.  To add some interest to your bathroom door, surely PVC accordion door can give you that because it is durable, saves space, stylish and stunning at the same time. (more…)

Accordion Door installed at United Hills, Parañaque City

PVC Accordion Door as Customer Lounge Partition Door – Paranaque City

First impression last as they say and is important, just the same with an office environment. The reception, lobby area and customer lounge are one of the visible parts of offices or any commercial establishments since this is usually the facade or the waiting area of a clients. It allows your visitors or your clients to feel positive and leave a good impressions as they enter into your office especially if it’s their first time. To create an inspiring, unique and creative theme for your customer lounge you need to think smart and practical. In beautifying your customer lounge your design should complement with the type of business you have. (more…)

PVC Accordion Installed in Old Balara, Quezon City

PVC Accordion Door as Window Cover for Safety of your Children: Quezon City

As a parent, it is our responsibility to keep our children’s secure and safe. However, sometimes we cannot avoid that they will get hurt because of their restlessness and because they are children who likes to play all the time. In our home, we also need to provide some materials, even temporary one, to keep them safe. (more…)

Accordion Door: Deluxe White Ash Installed in Parañaque City, Philippines

Half-Door Type of Folding Door for Clinic: Marcelo Green Village, Paranaque City

Half-door types of door are mostly installed in dental clinics for the patients to become more comfortable and partly accessible to others. Half style of doors can help patients to feel at ease and relax especially if they can see their loved ones outside.  Our client from Marcelo Green Village, Parañaque City opted for a half-door type of folding door to separate her dental office treatment room and waiting area.   (more…)

PVC Accordion Door Installation at Makati City, Philippines

PVC Accordion Door Installed at Hen. Pio Del Pilar Elementary School, Makati City

If you want to divide a room into two different departments or lessen the noise and distraction, PVC accordion door can help regulate noise and can provide you privacy. Accordion doors are the best choices for restaurants, offices, residential areas and even schools or in any areas where moderate acoustic control is desired. (more…)