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miniblinds for bay window

Aluminum Mini Blinds for Bay Windows : Pasay Project

For today’s blog, we will be going through a very varied or different product of ours. This article will be all about aluminum miniblinds for bay windows as installed for our Pasay client. To establish understanding and appreciation, we will first define these items and proceed to their functions and ornamental benefits.

White Satin Color, Aluminum Mini-blinds with 1" slat size

Eco-friendly Aluminum Miniblinds: Makati City, Philippines

As a nature lover, we not only love the earth but also ourselves and the people around us. Even just a little thing like having eco-friendly products inside your home or offices can help lot. For your window dressing, aluminum mini-blinds can be a great choice to purchase if you are concern regarding your environment. DS Windows & Walls aluminum mini-blinds are eco-friendly product and very affordable and ideal for smaller spaces or windows. (more…)