Red Carpet Roll with Edging for Church and Chapels : Metro Manila Project

red carpet for church

Red Carpet Roll with Edging for Church and Chapels : Metro Manila Project

One of the traits or symbols that most Filipinos are known for is their faith and profession to religion. As this is the case, all year round, many of our celebrations revolve around traditions of the church or our religions. Needless to say, churches are holy grounds upon which many Filipinos exercise their faith. This makes churches and chapels a high-traffic area that should be well-maintained in terms of safety and elegance. Our Metro Manila installation of red carpet rolls for churches and chapels attempts to address this concern through a special carpet feature called edging. 

Carpets are thick, tightly woven floor or stairs covering known for its convenience ever since time immemorial. These are not only found in homes but also in commercial spaces and as we’ve established for this article, in places of worship and prayer. Carpets provide an extra layer of protection and are slip-and-fall proof, making its use appropriate for very high foot traffic spaces.

Our installation of red carpet roll is a good choice for our Metro Manila client because it contributes to the grandeur of mass ceremonies itself as it is where the procession or the formal beginning of the mass happens. The red carpet provides protection to the mass servers and priests, allowing them the solemn procession needed to begin a holy ceremony. This does not only apply to mass but also to other sacraments held in church like weddings where the bride and groom take their walk to the altar through a red carpet. 

Beyond their comfortable design and fashionable appeal, carpets provide good safety advantages. They are perfect for older people and families since they cushion falls and serve as air filters, capturing dust and allergens. Their ability to absorb noise produces a calm environment while their insulating qualities can keep us warm during the cold January or cool during the hot summer of May. Carpets also improve the solemnity of churches by reducing noise levels in the house and improving air quality.

Essential to this article is the edging of our carpet roll product. Edging simply means the finish or binding of carpet roll edges to ensure that the weaves do not fray or untangle. Edging is really important because untangled fabric could cause inconvenience and even harm to churchgoers, defeating the original purpose of these carpets. 

Edging comes in different methods – serging, binding, and overlocking. Serging is a process that entails making a tight stitch around the carpet’s edge with a specialized sewing machine. Serging provides a long-lasting and sustainable benefit and it can also be utilized to provide ornamental border effects, making the serging stitch both functional and aesthetic. Meanwhile,  binding is a technique wherein a cloth or tape strip is sewn to the carpet’s edge and secured with stitches. Numerous materials, such as cotton, nylon, and even leather, can be used for binding. While the process of overlocking produces a somewhat different stitch pattern, it is similar to serging. For thinner rugs or carpets, overlocking is frequently employed.

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