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Roller Blinds - DA06 Fawn

Roller Blinds an Ideal Choice in Blocking the Rain and Water: Sampaloc, Manila

Window blinds are commonly used for privacy and for blocking sunlight and rain while others used this for interior decoration only.  Our client from Sampaloc Manila opted for roller blinds for their rooftop. They chose DA06 Fawn wherein it is a type of material that is waterproof. It is best in blocking rain and water during rainy season. (more…)

Roller Blinds in Paranaque City, Philippines

Roller Blinds Blackout for Complete Privacy – Moonwalk, Paranaque

This season, blackout Roller Blinds is necessary for complete privacy and for unpredictable weather. Blackout Roller Blinds is perfect for bedroom and any rooms which requires complete privacy. Our client from Moonwalk, Paranaque City opted for Blackout Roller Blinds for their bedroom and living room and it looks great to their existing home motif. (more…)

Roller Blinds for Conference / Meeting Room

Roller Blinds for Conference / Meeting Area – Manila City

Conference room is a room provided for a singular event such as business conference or meetings.  Assuring the privacy and comfort for this area is a must. Our client from Manila City selected roller blinds for their conference room. His boss wants a simple yet functional window cover so our client decided to email us at sales@dswindows.com, seeking a help. Through our various products, they decided to opt for Roller Blinds because it is the best window cover suitable for their needs. (more…)

Blackout Roller Blinds for a Good Night Sleep of Your Kids

Blackout Roller Blinds for a Good Night Sleep: Magallanes Village, Makati City

Are you afraid of bad dreams like me? Perhaps looking at your windows at night makes you think scary and superstitious things. Sometimes, I think that my sheer curtain is not enough to cover the darkness outside. I am a coward person, sudden sounds and unexpected movements of animals can bring high-level of nervous to me. I believe in superstitions, paranormal and ghost though I have not seen them yet. I am also afraid of killer and thieves. Maybe this is due to some experiences, may not mine personally, but what I witnessed from others. (more…)