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Carpet Installed in Sta. Mesa Manila

Some Tips And Guidelines in Cleaning the Carpet: Sta. Mesa, Manila

Cleaning your carpet regularly will help to keep the color bright and it will also help to lessen the dirt. Cleaning the carpet requires a lot of time to make sure that you clean them properly so that it won’t accumulate the dirt. Here are some tips and guides to help you how to clean your carpet properly. (more…)

Wallpaper Do it Your Self, Antipolo CIty

How to Install Vinyl Wall Paper Cover: Installation of Wall Paper in Antipolo, Rizal

Vinyl Wall Paper Covering is the easy to clean type of wall paper. Damp cloth can be used in cleaning vinyl wall paper.  People often use this wall paper in high moisture areas at home and this can also be used to hide minimal damage in your wall. Installation of vinyl wall paper is not that hard. Our client from Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines who opted for vinyl wall paper cover have already tried it by themselves. (more…)