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Wooden Blinds Installed at San Pedro Laguna, Philippines

The Beauty and Versatility of Wooden Blinds: San Pedro, Laguna

Wood material is a real reliever when it comes to interior design. Natural wood material adds the feeling of serenity and warm to the room. Any shades of wood always compliment in any home decor and accessories even if it is contemporary, conservatory or traditional interior. (more…)

Faux Wood Blinds of DS Windows & Walls

Faux Wood Blinds-Alternative to Real Wood Blinds at a fraction of the cost

“Faux” means artificial, in other words, faux wood blinds means artificial wood blinds.  It very much resembles the real wood blind thing so people that is not so familiar with window blinds will have a hard time to distinguish it from the authentic wood blinds types.  It is also lighter and more resistant to breakage. (more…)

White color faux wood blinds at San Lorenzo Village, Makati

Faux Wood Blinds for Nature Lover : San Lorenzo Village, Makati City

I have met lot of people who have a passion for nature and living in an urban area can be quite contradicting.  Maintaining the tropical feel you always wanted can be done by having garden inside your home, have a wooden furniture, wooden blinds for your windows and other nature-related materials. Wooden Blinds can match any home style and themes. The only disadvantage of wooden blinds will be its cost for the fact that solid woods are more expensive than synthetic materials. (more…)

The Dura wood

Durawood / Fauxwood Installation at Ayala Makati City Philippines

Looking for a less expensive blinds with real wood look?

DS Windows and Walls offers a durawood blinds, also known as fauxwood blinds. Due to its natural wood look, this can be the best alternative to real wood blinds. It is made up of man-made materials and natural wood particles which makes it less expensive than real wood. It is less likely to warp, fade or crack in extreme heat or direct sunlight  so this can be  a perfect choice for places with high moisture and humidity like kitchens, laundry rooms, garage, etc. (more…)