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Useful and Stylish Combi Blinds for your Living Room

Combi Blinds for New Home and New Life: West Triangle, Quezon City

Home is a foundation of strong relationship in the family. Some newly weds plan to have a house of their own because it means they need to start their new life together. When you are starting your life together, you need to understand your partner’s habit or attitude, may it good or bad. Just like our newly wed client in West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines and just moved into their new house, but having a problem what window treatment to use for their living room windows. (more…)

Wallpaper Covering to Uplift your Room Interior

Wallpaper Covering as your Interior Wall: Sucat, Muntinlupa City

How does it feel every time you enter inside a house that is surrounded by fascinating design of wallpaper? Isn’t it relaxing, comforting and uplifting? They say that your home interior decor is the reflection of your personality. Every single minute that we utter the word wallpaper cover, several terms are coming into our mind ─  it can be pretty, elegant, classic, fashionable, romantic, wonderful and many other words. (more…)

Roller Blinds in Paranaque City, Philippines

Roller Blinds Blackout for Complete Privacy – Moonwalk, Paranaque

This season, blackout Roller Blinds is necessary for complete privacy and for unpredictable weather. Blackout Roller Blinds is perfect for bedroom and any rooms which requires complete privacy. Our client from Moonwalk, Paranaque City opted for Blackout Roller Blinds for their bedroom and living room and it looks great to their existing home motif. (more…)

White Faux Wood Blinds in San Juan City

White Faux Wood Blinds for White Interior: Greenhills, San Juan City

In most windows, the morning sun shines directly in it.  It is not really bothersome when the weather is cold or when it’s raining, however, it is especially bothersome when it’s summer time. Cotton curtains can’t do a good job for you of preventing the heat entering your room. If you are looking for window cover which can do the trick, try Faux Wood Blinds. Fauxwood blinds have an appealing characteristic for many reasons. (more…)

Combi Blinds Installed in Maharlika Village, Taguig

Pretty Combi Blinds Installed in Maharlika Village, Taguig

The latest internal shading system nowadays with two combination of fabric material is called “Combi Blinds”. It is consist of double rolling shades which have transparent and opaque strips of fabric. The uniqueness of this product is that light can be adjusted each time by rolling the striped fabric to provide less or more light coming inside your room. Combi Blinds is a window blinds used to dress your windows beautifully as well as trap the UV rays coming from the sun. (more…)

Roller Blinds Installation in Tierra Nueva Village, Muntinlupa City

Roller Blinds for Studio Type Room – Tierra Nueva Village, Muntinlupa City

Are you one of those single people who want to separate from family and be independent? Maybe a studio type room is good for you. With a studio type room, you won’t be tired of walking all over your house because in one wide area all the part of your house is simply reachable; kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. For those who want to have some privacy and live with their own, a studio type room is very good for them. (more…)

Blackout Roller Blinds at Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Philippines

Blackout Roller Blinds for Today’s Modern Lifestyle: Quezon City

With today’s fast paced and stressful lifestyle, aside from sound sleep, relaxing environment can help to set the mood of an individual especially when you are living in a city. If flashing lights and neon fixtures from clubs were awe-inspiring when we were younger, they can be too bright for grown-up standards. Dim light and less noise are the factors for you to relax inside your room. DS Windows & Walls’ roller blackout will able to block the lights and everything from the outside. (more…)

White Satin Color, Aluminum Mini-blinds with 1" slat size

Eco-friendly Aluminum Miniblinds: Makati City, Philippines

As a nature lover, we not only love the earth but also ourselves and the people around us. Even just a little thing like having eco-friendly products inside your home or offices can help lot. For your window dressing, aluminum mini-blinds can be a great choice to purchase if you are concern regarding your environment. DS Windows & Walls aluminum mini-blinds are eco-friendly product and very affordable and ideal for smaller spaces or windows. (more…)

PVC Vertical Blinds with Brush Cream Design & Color

PVC Vertical Blinds for Houses and Offices: DTI Makati City, Philippines

You can find several benefits of using PVC vertical blinds in your residence and office as well. Oftentimes, PVC vertical blinds are commonly found as a window covering for offices for they are incredibly affordable, less maintenance needed and can be installed quickly. UV rays coming from the sun can cause inconvenience for most employees while working. The slats of PVC vertical blinds can be adjusted to control the light entering the room -tilting the slats partially open, completely close and totally open, and such versatility is necessary in an office surrounding to keep employees comfortably working. (more…)

Roller Blinds - Code : W5002 Beige

Roller Blinds at Paranaque City, Manila: Creating Secure Surrounding

For a household with children, it is our first priority to ensure the safety of our children even when they are inside our home. There are various domestic incidents that happened while toddlers are playing like falling of window treatments which causes an immediate tragedy. Everyone wants to have a safe and nurturing environment and choosing an ideal window treatment is necessary. (more…)