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red carpet for church

Red Carpet Roll with Edging for Church and Chapels : Metro Manila Project

One of the traits or symbols that most Filipinos are known for is their faith and profession to religion. As this is the case, all year round, many of our celebrations revolve around traditions of the church or our religions. Needless to say, churches are holy grounds upon which many Filipinos exercise their faith. This makes churches and chapels a high-traffic area that should be well-maintained in terms of safety and elegance. Our Metro Manila installation of red carpet rolls for churches and chapels attempts to address this concern through a special carpet feature called edging. 

Carpet Installed in Sta. Mesa Manila

Some Tips And Guidelines in Cleaning the Carpet: Sta. Mesa, Manila

Cleaning your carpet regularly will help to keep the color bright and it will also help to lessen the dirt. Cleaning the carpet requires a lot of time to make sure that you clean them properly so that it won’t accumulate the dirt. Here are some tips and guides to help you how to clean your carpet properly. (more…)