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Staircase window shades

Staircase Tall Window Styling Using Roll Up Blinds – Greenhills, San Juan

Looking for the best window dressing ideas? Discover the best way to dress up your windows, whether you have a bay window, square or special windows style. Windows are an essential part of any house for letting daylight in and allowing the inhabitants to see out, it’s also known as the eyes of the house, whatever its size and shape and the way you dress them can actually influence your room theme. That’s why it’s important to not only choose your window dressing by its looks, it has to be versatile that can also dictate the light that’s cast into space. (more…)

Roll Up Blinds Installed in Ermita Metro Manila

Roll Up Blinds Can Help Save Energy – Ermita Metro Manila

One of the trendiest topics nowadays is price increase especially in our utilities like electric/energy bills.  Power plants usually attribute the price increase to international price of coal and gas or unplanned power plant maintenance shutdown.  But we consumers can do something about it like using power-efficient appliances.  One of the things that can help us to save electricity bill is installing window blinds as your window treatment. (more…)

Roller Blinds for Conference / Meeting Room

Roller Blinds for Conference / Meeting Area – Manila City

Conference room is a room provided for a singular event such as business conference or meetings.  Assuring the privacy and comfort for this area is a must. Our client from Manila City selected roller blinds for their conference room. His boss wants a simple yet functional window cover so our client decided to email us at sales@dswindows.com, seeking a help. Through our various products, they decided to opt for Roller Blinds because it is the best window cover suitable for their needs. (more…)


Roller Blinds Blockout Installation at Antipolo Hospital

Antipolo is not within Metro Manila, it’s quite far but our company still service this area. In any case, we have lots of project outside Manila so I’m blogging this anyway.  Antipolo Hospital opted for a beige blockout roller shades.  Blockout roller blinds has the most opacity of all roller blinds and is the best choice if blocking the sun is on top of your priority. (more…)