Roller Blinds Blockout Installation at Antipolo Hospital

Roller Blinds Blockout Installation at Antipolo Hospital

Antipolo is not within Metro Manila, it’s quite far but our company still service this area. In any case, we have lots of project outside Manila so I’m blogging this anyway.  Antipolo Hospital opted for a beige blockout roller shades.  Blockout roller blinds has the most opacity of all roller blinds and is the best choice if blocking the sun is on top of your priority.

More and more hospitals recognize the benefits of using roller blinds blackout instead of curtains. One of the main reason is that blinds are easier to maintain unlike curtains that they need to wash regularly and replace with fresher ones.  Maintaining roller blinds fabric is a matter of wiping it with a damp cloth since these type of fabrics is also composed of PVC materials to enhance its insulating power.

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