How to Install Vinyl Wall Paper Cover: Installation of Wall Paper in Antipolo, Rizal

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How to Install Vinyl Wall Paper Cover: Installation of Wall Paper in Antipolo, Rizal

Vinyl Wall Paper Covering is the easy to clean type of wall paper. Damp cloth can be used in cleaning vinyl wall paper.  People often use this wall paper in high moisture areas at home and this can also be used to hide minimal damage in your wall. Installation of vinyl wall paper is not that hard. Our client from Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines who opted for vinyl wall paper cover have already tried it by themselves.

Here are some tips so you can easily install your vinyl wall paper by yourself:

  • You have to fix first large holes in your wall. Use joint compound and flatten the surface. Let it dry for 20 to 30 minutes then let the surface be smooth by using sandpaper.
  • Draw guidelines on your wall were supposedly you plan to install the vinyl wall paper at the same time clean the wall, make sure the surface is well-flatten.
  • Cut your preferred size of vinyl wall paper. Apply vinyl wall paper adhesive to the back of the vinyl wallpaper using a brush or spatula.
  • Place now the wall paper on your wall. Be sure to follow the lines that you have made until you finish installing all of it.  Trim the wall paper if some did overlap on your preferred area.
  • Flatten the vinyl wall paper directly once you are done installing it. Use yardstick until you feel that it is flatten enough and there is no more bubble existing.
  • Find any bubble in your installed wall paper, keep on smoothing them with the yardstick. If there is bubble you cannot remove, use a tiny needle to pierce the bubble then press the bubble gently to release any air.

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