Vertical Blinds

PVC Vertical Blinds with Brush Cream Design & Color

PVC Vertical Blinds for Houses and Offices: DTI Makati City, Philippines

You can find several benefits of using PVC vertical blinds in your residence and office as well. Oftentimes, PVC vertical blinds are commonly found as a window covering for offices for they are incredibly affordable, less maintenance needed and can be installed quickly. UV rays coming from the sun can cause inconvenience for most employees while working. The slats of PVC vertical blinds can be adjusted to control the light entering the room -tilting the slats partially open, completely close and totally open, and such versatility is necessary in an office surrounding to keep employees comfortably working. (more…)

Vertical Blinds Installed at Pasig City Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds Recommended for Wide Windows : Pasig City Project

Window Blinds are the modern trend in decorating windows and to make your home more stunning and luxurious. This window blinds are more likely seen if you are located at urban areas ─ either offices or residencies. On the other hand, window blinds are not only for home decoration but more likely for home protection and privacy.  Perfect home decorations do not need a lot of effort as long as each piece of object in your home is important and functional. With these, it will certainly add charm to the beauty of the home, hence, adding privacy and protection to you. (more…)