Wood Blinds

Wooden Blinds for Pure White Bedroom - Sariaya Quezon Province, Philippines

Wooden Blinds For Pure White Bedroom – Sariaya Quezon, Philippines

An all-white bedroom can be used in different theme like contemporary, minimalist or traditional. It’s very flexible you can use it anywhere from the bedroom, living room to even bath room; you can turn it into a unique and creative design in any place in your home. White might be the simplest color or probably be the dullest in some people’s perspective but not for our client in Sariaya, Quezon province as he finds it very versatile and turned it to an amazing room design. Our client took the challenge to use the combination of contemporary and minimalist design and only using pure white bedroom theme. (more…)

Wooden Blinds Installed at San Pedro Laguna, Philippines

The Beauty and Versatility of Wooden Blinds: San Pedro, Laguna

Wood material is a real reliever when it comes to interior design. Natural wood material adds the feeling of serenity and warm to the room. Any shades of wood always compliment in any home decor and accessories even if it is contemporary, conservatory or traditional interior. (more…)