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Combi Blinds and Its Unique and Beautiful Features

Combi Blinds in Creating Warm and Relaxing Feeling: Quezon City Project

When you are feeling down and exhausted from heavy work and other personal issues, we often went to the place where it is more peaceful and calm. Another way of making yourself calmer is the color. According to some studies, colors can affect the emotion and the feeling of every person. In home we often choose colors that give us warmth and relaxing feeling. (more…)

Useful and Stylish Combi Blinds for your Living Room

Combi Blinds for New Home and New Life: West Triangle, Quezon City

Home is a foundation of strong relationship in the family. Some newly weds plan to have a house of their own because it means they need to start their new life together. When you are starting your life together, you need to understand your partner’s habit or attitude, may it good or bad. Just like our newly wed client in West Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines and just moved into their new house, but having a problem what window treatment to use for their living room windows. (more…)

Combi Blinds: Blackout H503 Brown

Combi Blinds for a Clean House Look: San Fernando, Pampanga

During my childhood time, I am wondering how my mom cleans our entire house quickly. Until I got my own room, I learned how to clean it alone. Cleaning a room is not that easy especially if you do not clean regularly. Dusts accumulate in bed sheets, floors and most especially window blinds, making it hard to remove. Looking for window cover that is easy to clean can be a challenging task. On the other hand, it is a wise choice to find window cover that can make your room look clean and fresh always. (more…)

Combi Blinds G204 Emperador, Installed at Manila, Philippines

Decorative Combi Blinds for your Home Interior Design: Metro Manila

Removing our room doors and replacing it with window blinds is a unique idea. Combi blinds as one of the most decorative and pretty window cover nowadays are perfect not only for windows, but also for glass walls, doors, etc. Besides, using Combi Blinds as room partition can also add glamour and modishness into a room. Using Combi Blinds instead of curtains are much user-friendly because they are more decorative and unique to look at than cheap old curtains. Our client from Metro Manila used Combi Blinds as glass wall cover. It became easier for her to adjust the light entering her bedroom. (more…)

Combi blinds G302 Rattan Installed at Cainta Rizal, Philippines

Combi Blinds for Stylish Home Installed at Cainta Rizal, Philippines

Windows are the most important features in our home aside from door.  That is why people are being more creative when it comes to decorating and choosing window coverings. Our client from Cainta Rizal, Philippines opted for Combi Blinds installed inside the glass window on their living room, providing great design solutions as well as stylish yet practical window dressing. (more…)