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Vinyl Wallpaper Installed at Las Pinas City, Philippines

Easy to Peel Vinyl Wallpaper – BF Homes, Las Pinas City

Some of vinyl wallpapers are not peelable and it is a big issue for some residential and commercial areas. Peeling wallpaper cover is a bit expensive, almost the same as installing them. That is why for wise shoppers, they purchase easy to peel vinyl wallpaper so when time comes that they have to replace it, it will be easier for them and in a less cost. (more…)

Fabric Vertical Blinds Installed at Las Pinas City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds for a New House in Las Pinas City, Philippines

They said that mother knows best. As a mother, they really know what is good or bad for their children. Sometimes, our mother becomes strict and very protective. Cleanliness of the house especially on their children’s room and dining area are their first priority at home.  Our client from Las Piñas City who opted for Fabric Vertical Blinds, owned a beautiful and a  two-story house. They decided to used Fabric Vertical Blinds for their sliding glass door at home because it is more affordable yet very presentable.  Fabric Vertical Blinds are available in various colors and designs, just visit (more…)

Mini Blinds: Goldstar 475

Stimulating effect of Mini Blinds Gold: Las Pinas City, Philippines

Gold and yellow color serve as a positive color that representing happiness and progress in life. In other aspects, gold and yellow brings the warmth and liveliness of the light into your place. For Chinese Zodiac, gold and yellow bring good luck just like yellow dragons that is why they are always part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. (more…)

Faux Wood Blinds Installed in Intramuros Manila, Philippines

How to Fix Faux Wood Blinds: Intramuros Manila, Philippines

Faux Wood blinds are elegant, stylish kinds of blinds and beautiful to look at any home. No matter how you take good care of your Faux Wood Blinds, old Faux Wood Blinds will eventually become more prone to breakage. Below are some tips on how to repair your Faux Wood Blinds: (more…)

Combi Blinds " H504 Choco" Installed at Sta. Mesa Manila, Philippines

Combi Blinds: The Inexpensive Good Looking Blinds in Sta. Mesa, Manila

Combi blinds are the most famous blinds nowadays. This is the roll-up blinds with a sheer part and has a look of venetian blinds at the same time. Combi Blinds is made from 100% polyester, which makes it durable and easy to clean. Many people love the beauty of Combi Blinds and one of them is our client from Sta. Mesa Manila who opted for Combi Blinds: H504 Choco for the loft type window. Combi Blinds has perfect performance in light filtering and controlling. The said blinds can give a comfortable and secure feeling to every individual while they are resting. (more…)

Combi Blinds: Blackout H503 Brown

Combi Blinds for a Clean House Look: San Fernando, Pampanga

During my childhood time, I am wondering how my mom cleans our entire house quickly. Until I got my own room, I learned how to clean it alone. Cleaning a room is not that easy especially if you do not clean regularly. Dusts accumulate in bed sheets, floors and most especially window blinds, making it hard to remove. Looking for window cover that is easy to clean can be a challenging task. On the other hand, it is a wise choice to find window cover that can make your room look clean and fresh always. (more…)

Aluminum Mini Blinds Installation in Makati City, Philippines

Aluminum Mini Blinds and Its Benefits: Makati City, Metro Manila

Varieties of reputable companies are offering custom made windows blinds with quality materials and beautiful finishes. Top rated companies like DS Windows and Walls provide guarantee on blinds that it will give every homeowner and establishments a flawless service for years. One of our offered products is Aluminum Mini Blinds, which one of our clients from Makati City, Metro Manila opted. The paints of aluminum mini blinds today are lead-free so there is no need to worry about children’s safety. In addition, aluminum mini blinds are more durable than plastic mini blinds, making it less susceptible to fading, peeling and damage. (more…)

Wallpaper Do it Your Self, Antipolo CIty

How to Install Vinyl Wall Paper Cover: Installation of Wall Paper in Antipolo, Rizal

Vinyl Wall Paper Covering is the easy to clean type of wall paper. Damp cloth can be used in cleaning vinyl wall paper.  People often use this wall paper in high moisture areas at home and this can also be used to hide minimal damage in your wall. Installation of vinyl wall paper is not that hard. Our client from Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines who opted for vinyl wall paper cover have already tried it by themselves. (more…)

Light Filtering Roller Blinds Installed at Alabang Metro Manila, Philippines

Light Filtering Roller Blinds Ideal for your Office and Home Interior Design

Roller blinds have been so popular for years. The material and the smooth control mechanism of these blinds is the big reason why most people love roller blinds as their home window dressing. Roller blinds are well liked for their reputation of understated sophistication. The style and perfect material of these blinds quietly fit the needs of every individual, either for commercial or residential spaces. Strong demand for roller blinds is now evident in the market. The light filtering and block-out material of roller blinds both give simple and elegant look to every window. Our client who selected a light filtering or sunscreen roller blinds, owns a wide and big office in the heart of Makati, Metro Manila. (more…)

Blackout Roller Blinds for a Good Night Sleep of Your Kids

Blackout Roller Blinds for a Good Night Sleep: Magallanes Village, Makati City

Are you afraid of bad dreams like me? Perhaps looking at your windows at night makes you think scary and superstitious things. Sometimes, I think that my sheer curtain is not enough to cover the darkness outside. I am a coward person, sudden sounds and unexpected movements of animals can bring high-level of nervous to me. I believe in superstitions, paranormal and ghost though I have not seen them yet. I am also afraid of killer and thieves. Maybe this is due to some experiences, may not mine personally, but what I witnessed from others. (more…)