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Roller Blinds T3008 Brown Installed at Antipolo City

Benefits of Custom-made Roller Blinds: Antipolo City, Philippines

Window treatments can be an exciting and stylish design to your home. Custom-made roller blinds are in demand in the market as of now, mostly condominiums, apartments, and commercial areas are the most buyers of the said blinds. Custom-made roller blinds are much better than ready-made roller blinds because it is particularly made to fit according to your different window sizes. (more…)

PVC Accordion Door Installation at Makati City, Philippines

PVC Accordion Door Installed at Hen. Pio Del Pilar Elementary School, Makati City

If you want to divide a room into two different departments or lessen the noise and distraction, PVC accordion door can help regulate noise and can provide you privacy. Accordion doors are the best choices for restaurants, offices, residential areas and even schools or in any areas where moderate acoustic control is desired. (more…)

PVC Vertical Blinds Installation in Quezon City, Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds as an effective Insulator in Quezon City, Philippines

Instead of paying large amount on replacement window blinds, you can install energy efficient insulating window blinds to minimize your energy consumption and add elegance to your home. PVC Vertical Blinds can lessen your energy costs and saving varies depending on the size of your room. It is also a very good insulator because its vertical slats are thicker than other window coverings. They successfully block the transmission of air between the window covering and the glass of the window. (more…)