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Divider to Second Floor

Vinyl Folding Door as Divider to your Second Floor Home

The very essence of why our homes are considered a basic need is that it should be a place of shelter, protection, peace, privacy and security. Overtime, we have seen how houses have improved and how they were innovated. Modern doors and windows are the products of such innovations. In today’s blog, we shall venture how our homes can be further improved through installing a vinyl folding door as a divider in a house’s second floor. 

Teak folding door deluxe featured project

Available Colors and Featured Projects of our Folding Door Deluxe

The folding door deluxe that we offer has 6 distinct colors available, however, it is worth noting that the other folding door types namely the regular and french folding doors has its own available colors that is not included in the scope of this article.  We present you the individual swatch colors with a sample installed door of each color so that you can also see what it looks like in a bigger picture. (more…)

PVC Accordion Installed in Old Balara, Quezon City

PVC Accordion Door as Window Cover for Safety of your Children: Quezon City

As a parent, it is our responsibility to keep our children’s secure and safe. However, sometimes we cannot avoid that they will get hurt because of their restlessness and because they are children who likes to play all the time. In our home, we also need to provide some materials, even temporary one, to keep them safe. (more…)