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Makati wallpaper installation

Stylish Wallpapers for Cafe Restaurants: Makati City Installation

Like everything else, cafe restaurant trends also keep changing and upgrading. Even after a pandemic, the economy for such business just keeps skyrocketing. Now more than ever, the necessity to keep the cafe restaurant a pleasant and instagrammable place is crucial. This is why in this article, we shall venture on the installation of wallpapers for our Makati client’s cafe restaurant.

Bricks Wallpaper Design

New Bricks Wallpaper Designs : Makati City Installations

In terms of decorating your home, your own imagination is the only limitation. We have our own sense of style and it can be great if you convey that through home design.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder or to each his own and so they say.  That is why some people admire (but not necessarily to others) rough and untamed feel of raw and spontaneous brick wall like the one we always see on New York street. You can incorporate that in your living room, kitchen and even your own bedroom wall. On the other hand using real bricks can be a little expensive, messy and hard, but nevertheless its doable and possible with artificial brick wallpaper design. (more…)

Brick Effect Vinyl Wallpaper Design For Small Bedroom to Feel Spacious - Pasay City, Philippines

Brick Effect Vinyl Wallpaper Design and Style Ideas – Pasay City, Philippines

It doesn’t matter if you are a modern style lover or one that favors the classic and elegant theme, still brick wall design can always look amazing in any kind of theme combination. This kind of walls really looks astounding to any theme that adds character to the interior. Brick wall design adds a unique charm to any modern or traditional home interiors, creating dramatic and sophisticated, comfortable interior design.  It has a vintage style that you just always end up falling in love and has carefree feel. (more…)

Wallpaper Covering to Uplift your Room Interior

Wallpaper Covering as your Interior Wall: Sucat, Muntinlupa City

How does it feel every time you enter inside a house that is surrounded by fascinating design of wallpaper? Isn’t it relaxing, comforting and uplifting? They say that your home interior decor is the reflection of your personality. Every single minute that we utter the word wallpaper cover, several terms are coming into our mind ─  it can be pretty, elegant, classic, fashionable, romantic, wonderful and many other words. (more…)

Vinyl Wallpaper Installed at Las Pinas City, Philippines

Easy to Peel Vinyl Wallpaper – BF Homes, Las Pinas City

Some of vinyl wallpapers are not peelable and it is a big issue for some residential and commercial areas. Peeling wallpaper cover is a bit expensive, almost the same as installing them. That is why for wise shoppers, they purchase easy to peel vinyl wallpaper so when time comes that they have to replace it, it will be easier for them and in a less cost. (more…)

Wallpaper Do it Your Self, Antipolo CIty

How to Install Vinyl Wall Paper Cover: Installation of Wall Paper in Antipolo, Rizal

Vinyl Wall Paper Covering is the easy to clean type of wall paper. Damp cloth can be used in cleaning vinyl wall paper.  People often use this wall paper in high moisture areas at home and this can also be used to hide minimal damage in your wall. Installation of vinyl wall paper is not that hard. Our client from Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines who opted for vinyl wall paper cover have already tried it by themselves. (more…)