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Makati Cinema Square Tower, Makati City Installation of Fabric Vertical Blinds

Cooling your home naturally by using Fabric Vertical Blinds! Makati Cinema Square Tower

Nowadays, most modern houses consist of an oversized windows and patio doors wherein glare and UV radiation can pour through. It may cause uncomfortable feeling for you and may damage your home or office furniture. With this fact, purchasing the ideal window treatment for patio doors and wide windows are necessary. (more…)

White color faux wood blinds at San Lorenzo Village, Makati

Faux Wood Blinds for Nature Lover : San Lorenzo Village, Makati City

I have met lot of people who have a passion for nature and living in an urban area can be quite contradicting.  Maintaining the tropical feel you always wanted can be done by having garden inside your home, have a wooden furniture, wooden blinds for your windows and other nature-related materials. Wooden Blinds can match any home style and themes. The only disadvantage of wooden blinds will be its cost for the fact that solid woods are more expensive than synthetic materials. (more…)

Installed Miniblinds at Taguig City Philippines

Mini Blinds Installation at Bicutan, Taguig City Manila Philippines

For smaller windows, it requires a smaller slat size not only for style purposes but also for its functional purposes. If you have smaller windows or patio doors, we can offer you window covering which will match for it. DS Windows and Walls have venetian blinds also known as miniblinds made up of aluminum material and available in our most popular 1” slat size. (more…)

Installed Combi Double Shade at Las Pinas City Philippines

Combi-Blinds at Pilar South Ville, Las Pinas City, Philippines

If you have a strange feelings that your traditional curtain doesn’t match your latest home, then it the right time for you to choose the most beneficial window dressing for your home. When planning to update a window covering, we can offer you the latest internal shading system emerging in the market nowadays. (more…)

Installation of Folding Door at Magallanes Village Makati City Philippines

Installation of Folding Door at Magallanes Village Makati City

Recently, many households and other commercial areas replaced their traditional, regular doors with folding doors. This is for the fact that they are not only economical but also have a tremendous benefits compared to other type of doors. They can help you alter your ordinary and boring room into a more unique and fascinating place. (more…)

Vertical Blinds Installed at Pasig City Philippines

PVC Vertical Blinds Recommended for Wide Windows : Pasig City Project

Window Blinds are the modern trend in decorating windows and to make your home more stunning and luxurious. This window blinds are more likely seen if you are located at urban areas ─ either offices or residencies. On the other hand, window blinds are not only for home decoration but more likely for home protection and privacy.  Perfect home decorations do not need a lot of effort as long as each piece of object in your home is important and functional. With these, it will certainly add charm to the beauty of the home, hence, adding privacy and protection to you. (more…)


Installation of Roller Blinds at Ayala Avenue Makati City

BLINDS MANILA (PHILIPPINES) – Obtaining blinds for an office or home alike can be a hard task. Nowadays, you can find huge choices of window blinds in the market such as vertical blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds, wooden blinds, blackout roller blinds and others which can be very overwhelming. However, before purchasing blinds, we also have to consider the purpose intended. If you are looking for a window dressing which can either totally / partially block sunlight and heat, provide complete privacy, and can be a perfect insulator, then the roller blinds can be the ideal choice. (more…)

Fabric Vertical Blinds Installation at Marikina City Philippines

Installation of Fabric Vertical Blinds at Marikina City, Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines – DS Windows & Walls fabric vertical blinds are made up of pure cloth of high quality. For this fact, we are assuring its durability.  Durability of a product is highly significant especially for fabrics.  Then, for those who are not comfortable of a total block out window covering and want only a sheer shade, then our fabric vertical blinds can be the best choice. Less noise can also be produced during opening and closing. In addition, if you love to have an eco-friendly product, then you can choose fabric vertical blinds over PVC vertical blinds. (more…)

The Dura wood

Durawood / Fauxwood Installation at Ayala Makati City Philippines

Looking for a less expensive blinds with real wood look?

DS Windows and Walls offers a durawood blinds, also known as fauxwood blinds. Due to its natural wood look, this can be the best alternative to real wood blinds. It is made up of man-made materials and natural wood particles which makes it less expensive than real wood. It is less likely to warp, fade or crack in extreme heat or direct sunlight  so this can be  a perfect choice for places with high moisture and humidity like kitchens, laundry rooms, garage, etc. (more…)