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Faux Wood Blinds / Durawood Blinds ( White )

Affordable Fauxwood Blinds Installation at Sta.Ana, Manila

Fauxwood blind’s benefits are one of the most popular in the market nowadays. It can allow enough light into the building as well as assure the privacy that you need. Fauxwood blinds are also easy to maintain so that your household and office will look good at all times. They are one of the best kinds of blinds to have in this modern day due to its stylish looks and incomparable benefits.


Faux Wood Blinds of DS Windows & Walls

Faux Wood Blinds-Alternative to Real Wood Blinds at a fraction of the cost

“Faux” means artificial, in other words, faux wood blinds means artificial wood blinds.  It very much resembles the real wood blind thing so people that is not so familiar with window blinds will have a hard time to distinguish it from the authentic wood blinds types.  It is also lighter and more resistant to breakage. (more…)