Author - Jericho Libardo

Blue Fabric Vertical Blinds Cavite Installation

Blue Fabric Vertical Blinds Suitable for Office Spaces : Cavite City Project

Our feature for today will be the simple yet sophisticated blue fabric vertical blinds installed in one office in Cavite City. The client evidently opted for the paled turquoise blue vertical blinds to achieve a minimalistic but neat look for the office and to liven up their space. And while these kind of blinds are of various colors and textures, it is also one effective tool in controlling the room’s light intake. (more…)

Classic gray venetian blinds

Classic Venetian Blinds for Modern Houses : Batangas Installation

When it comes to interior design, the style and type of blinds you choose is crucial to the end result of the house design you’re dreaming of.  Whether you have a Mediterranean-style or contemporary home, when deciding to buy blinds for your windows, choosing the classic mini blinds also known as venetian blinds is one of the safest bet. (more…)