Mixing Pleated and Blackout Combi Shade in One Panel – BGC Condo Unit

Mixing pleated and blackout combi shades

Mixing Pleated and Blackout Combi Shade in One Panel – BGC Condo Unit

Mixing two different kind of combi shades in one panel is somewhat unorthodox even strange when styling your windows.  However, this client of ours from a BGC condo decided to mix a pleated and a blackout shade and in this blog we’re going to show you the result.  This is also a nice opportunity to see the two shades side-by-side and to help readers to visualize the difference between the two.  Each shade has a different opacity; the pleated one let light enter a little bit so that the room is illuminated to some degree especially when the sun is at its brightest.  The other one blocks the light more efficiently so that when no artificial light is turned on, the room will look really dim that can aid you sleep when you need it during daytime.

Combining two combi shade styles in one panel

One of the main reason of our client for mixing the two types is that the pleated type is not enough to block the sunlight when he’s working in his desk and can also be problematic when direct sunlight hits his laptop and other electronic devices for a period of time.  By choosing a blackout type on the right panel he can ensure that he’ll be able to work in his desk undistracted while the left panel helps to keep the light in other parts of the room.

The overall appearance, surprisingly, looks stylish exactly because of its eccentricity.  In interior designing, it is important that the result will reflect the owner’s personality and style i.e. pragmatic, and yet provide its main function i.e. to control the amount heat and light that is entering the room.  When dealing with styling your own room there is no absolutes, no right or wrong, as long as it serves your purpose and feels positive about it then to each is his own.

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