Best Window Covering for Long Hallway Glass Wall: The Roller Blinds

Hallway glasswall window covering roller blinds

Best Window Covering for Long Hallway Glass Wall: The Roller Blinds

What exactly makes a great design? Most people think design means all about the look which is not entirely correct because if you dig deeper it’s also about efficiency. In this article, we’ll feature how a simple hallway can boost the style of your home and in an efficient way at the same time.

Nowadays people view hallways as a waste of space and every time they make a change in their home, hallway is always one of the first to be renovated and disappear. Contractor and designer sometimes remove one part of the wall to combine it to the nearest room especially in an open floor plan layout.

Roller blinds for long glasswall

To be truthful, hallway is not for everyone since it’s not typically built if your house is average in size or smaller but most of the time it’s unavoidable for bigger houses or condominium.  You have to have some way to get to all the rooms in your house, but that doesn’t mean it will become just a passageway and just a waste of space. Believe it or not if you have a hallway in your house, it can really become something amazing base on how you design and utilize it such as giving it a second purpose.

One of the most common design used in the hallway is putting pictures on both sides of the walls. If you have children it can become a walk of memory lane by placing picture from their childhood days to the present or just pictures of your whole family.  It can become a sentimental place in your home rather than just a simple passageway. You can also install bookshelves along the hallway walls to organize your book instead of laying them everywhere. There are lots of possible great design and productive ways you can do to your hallway you just have to be creative and smart in finding it.

For our client their hallway is not a typical type and it’s surrounded by wall on both sides.  They used their hallway to their advantage and install full glass window wall on one part of the wall. Using wall glass on your hallway can give you the impression of walking outside which is a very unique concept.

Best window covering for long glasswall office

Some hallways can look cramped but if you have the budget using wall glass illuminates the passageway at daytime because natural light coming from the windows are enough to brighten up the surroundings making the space more lively. However, there’s also a downside of having wall glass because some part of the day sunlight is just too much heat that’s why finding the best window covering is important. Our client chose roller blinds for its great light filtration attribute and also for its perfect mechanism size. You may also notice that the glass wall is in a curve form that’s why its advantageous to use blinds that has smaller mechanism to limit the gap in between as you can see in the pictures.

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