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Dual Shade Blinds installed at Alabang Muntinlupa, Metro Manila

Dual Shade Blinds Installed in a High Ceiling Living Room – Alabang Muntinlupa

Do you love the feeling of living in high wall and ceiling house? Most homeowners would probably favor and adore tall rooms.  High ceiling delivers a spacious feeling, allows the whole space seem larger and offers beautiful natural lights through the high windows. Living room is the perfect place to use high ceiling because it will have a dramatic look regardless the type of interior motif like what our client in Alabang, Muntinlupa did in her living area. (more…)

Inexpensive Fabric Vertical Blinds for Bedrooms - Tagaytay City, Philippines

Fabric Vertical Blinds: Complete Your White Themed Room with Low Cost Alternative – Tagaytay City

Most interior designer will agree that window treatment can complete a room’s appearance, but only when chosen correctly. When it comes to window treatments, it’s a matter of color, fabric, pattern designs, and functionality.  With so many decisions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, so you need to consider the pros and cons to lessen the options and find the perfect window cover for your home. (more…)

Wooden Blinds for Pure White Bedroom - Sariaya Quezon Province, Philippines

Wooden Blinds For Pure White Bedroom – Sariaya Quezon, Philippines

An all-white bedroom can be used in different theme like contemporary, minimalist or traditional. It’s very flexible you can use it anywhere from the bedroom, living room to even bath room; you can turn it into a unique and creative design in any place in your home. White might be the simplest color or probably be the dullest in some people’s perspective but not for our client in Sariaya, Quezon province as he finds it very versatile and turned it to an amazing room design. Our client took the challenge to use the combination of contemporary and minimalist design and only using pure white bedroom theme. (more…)

Aluminum Venetian Blinds installed at Pillar Village, Las Pinas, Metro Manila

Aluminum Venetian Blinds For An All-White Motif Room – Las Pinas

An all-white modern bedroom speaks of high end style and a luxurious appearance. It’s a classic bedroom that holds a unique charm that until today is still very popular. It is a tricky design concept, but with a few smart moves and good combination of furniture you can make a gorgeous monochromatic white color palette room. A lot of people like to use all-white motif room because it looks clean and simple in a fashionable way. A white walls reflect around the room can uplift and brightens the mood of the room and makes the whole room feel more open and airy better if you have small space like our client in Pilar Village, Las Pinas Metro Manila who choose to use a monochromatic white motif. (more…)

Sunscreen Roller Shade in Reducing the Amount of Afternoon Heat - Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

Sunscreen Roller Shade for Reducing The Amount of Afternoon Heat – Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City

Philippines is a tropical country means we are closer to Equator where most country have more sunny days than rainy season. Our temperature is usually hot that’s why most building and houses use window covers that can help reduce the amount of heat like our client in Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. (more…)

Accordion Door installed at United Hills, Parañaque City

PVC Accordion Door as Customer Lounge Partition Door – Paranaque City

First impression last as they say and is important, just the same with an office environment. The reception, lobby area and customer lounge are one of the visible parts of offices or any commercial establishments since this is usually the facade or the waiting area of a clients. It allows your visitors or your clients to feel positive and leave a good impressions as they enter into your office especially if it’s their first time. To create an inspiring, unique and creative theme for your customer lounge you need to think smart and practical. In beautifying your customer lounge your design should complement with the type of business you have. (more…)

Simple Charm of Pleated Dual Shades For Condo Unit Bedroom - Makati Metro Manila

Dual Shades with Pleated Design Installed at San Lorenzo Village, Makati City

Dual shades or combination blinds are the most ideal blinds in any type of window in residential, offices and other different kinds of establishments. It is versatile that can be used in any type of place that needed privacy, light control and can even keep out unwanted bugs and dirt. Combi blinds or dual shade blinds offer many types of designs and color, from lightest to cream and even neutral colors. It also adds design to your window and give your entire space an understated elegance. (more…)

Faux Wood Blinds For Walk-in Closet - San Pedro, Laguna

Faux Wood Blinds: Transforming Spare Room into Walk In Closet – San Pedro, Laguna

Some of the small area or rooms of the house are most often neglected by most of us. We usually make it as storage of old or unused stuffs while others are creative enough to make the best out of it like our client in San Pedro, Laguna who turns her spare room into a walk in closet. A closet is a small and closed space; it contains cabinet or cupboard used for storing and hanging of clothes and shoes. Usually a closet is a small room behind a bedroom; it is also built under stairs or unused space or room. Any space can be converted into a walk in closet, but it would be easier if the room is rectangular or square. (more…)

Embossed PVC Vertical Installed in West Traingle, Quezon City

Design Your Office Receiving Area with Embossed PVC Vertical Blinds – Quezon City

A receiving area is an area or part of an office, hotel, house, etc. where visitors or guests are received. It is also the place where appointments, reservations, deals and sometimes where meeting takes place so it is very important not to take for granted the furnishings and interior of this particular space.  Just like the office located at West Triangle Quezon City, our client decided to make a room for receiving area in order to accommodate their visitors, guest, clients and even applicant. (more…)